When it comes to résumés, we’ve come a long way—especially now that we’ve got all this powerful AI at our fingertips.

What was once a long slog of typing, formatting, spell-checking, and printing can now be handled not only in mere moments, but for the low, low price of free.

Here’s a look at a handful of easy to use, AI-powered, free résumé makers to help you build your first résumé or get your existing résumé tuned up. Happy hunting!


Probably the most straightforward of our candidates, Novoresume lets you create a free one-page résumé with minimal effort.

Pick a template, finesse the layout if you like, enter your information, and let AI take it from there—filling out all the highlights while you watch.

Once it’s ready, hit download—no paywall, no upsell.

There are premium plans, which allow for résumés up to 10 pages long (woof!), multiple flavors of the same résumé, custom layouts, specialized sections, and more.


Craft a standout record of your work experience at Teal, which offers an easy-to-use, free, online résumé maker that uses AI to generate summaries, achievements, and cover letters.

Import your existing résumé or connect your LinkedIn profile, then quickly customize your résumé for each application you’re sending out by highlighting relevant keywords from each job description.

The free version lets you generate five achievements, two summaries, and one cover letter. Check that out first, as the unlimited plan costs $9 a week.


If you’re looking to build your résumé from scratch, CareerAi is a good place to start.

While the free version gets you access to the AI-powered writing tools, only the paid plans – starting at $9 per month—let you upload a current résumé as a starting point.

However, if you’ve been out of the job-hunting game long enough, it might make sense to blow up your old, dusty résumé and start over. Thankfully, you’ll just need a couple of minutes and a handful of clicks to do so here.


Arguably the most hands-off tool on this list, the free version of the Rezi résumé maker is limited to just one résumé but provides access to AI keyword targeting for specific roles, and AI-powered writing, editing, and summarization features.

There’s also a Rezi Score tool that can tell you how likely your résumé is to stand out, including the likelihood of it passing through automated résumé-filtering systems.

You’ll miss out on AI cover letters with the free version, but paid versions start at $29 per month—including a one-time $129 lifetime access plan.


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