AI-Powered Sentiment Analysis for Investors

Signm is an AI-powered tool for analyzing investment sentiment.

When it comes to choosing the best portfolio of stocks, picking winners isn’t always necessary. Rather, you need a system to remove the losers out of your portfolio quickly. 

Passive stock investors typically use index funds to achieve this objective, but individual stock investors need something better.

Signm is a company that is devoted to bringing the wisdom of crowds to individual investors. It analyzes social media mentions, news sentiment, financial data, and more to help investors better curate their investment portfolios. Here’s what you need to know about Signm.

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  • Charts, fundamental data, social media, and news sentiment analysis for all stocks in your portfolio.
  • Develop a watch list and get curated information about the stocks on your list.
  • Real-time alerts about the stocks you care about most.

AI-Powered Investor Sentiment Analysis

What Is Signm?

 Signm is a company offering AI-powered market analysis in an effort to separate the signal from the noise for its subscribers. People who subscribe to Signm receive a high-level analysis of the volume of news and social media mentions as well as the sentiment associated with those mentions. 

No need to engage on X or Reddit. Signm analyzes it for you, so you can understand the direction of sentiment without having to spend more time online. Let someone else explain why people on the internet are wrong. You keep your hands clean and profit from their collective wisdom.

What Does It Offer?

Signm is a subscription information provider. It provides difficult-to-obtain analysis of the volume of stock mentions on news and social media. It also does sentiment analysis to determine the positivity associated with certain stock mentions. Signm weights every mention equally. Joe Influencer matters as much as Warren Buffet when it comes to establishing the wisdom of the crowds.

Sentiment Analysis

Signm’s core offering is sentiment analysis. Signm looks at X threads, Reddit posts, and other social media feeds to understand how much people are talking about a stock, and the positive or negativity of their mentions. By looking at both volume and sentiment, you can get an understanding of the wisdom of crowds. When public opinion begins to sour, you can sell a stock before it becomes a loser. 

Unified View of Key Information

With Signm, you don’t need to scour dozens of sources for information. You can look at fundamentals (price, P/E ratio, Volatility, etc.), charts, and social and news information all in one place. And the analysis is highly customizable. You don’t have to watch all 500 stocks in the S&P 500. You can watch the stocks in your portfolio plus the handful of stocks you care about most.

Real-Time Alerts

You can take advantage of in-app notifications to learn about newly trending stocks. This can help you get a jump on buying or selling a particular position that no longer fits your needs. These real-time alerts are on top of customized daily emails. When you aren’t a buy-and-hold investor, these alerts could be an important tool to help you decide when to buy and even more importantly when to divest from a stock.

1500 Stocks Analyzed

Signm doesn’t merely work for Fortune 100 companies. It analyzes over 1500 unique stocks, so you can get details on large- and small-cap stocks.

Are There Any Fees?

Currently, Signm charges $144 annually or $29 per month. These prices are reduced from the regular price of $708 annually or $59 per month.

How Does Signm Compare?

Signm is an information platform. It uses publicly available information that anyone could theoretically analyze on their own. However most people don’t have the technical skills to develop sentiment analysis algorithms, and those that have the skills may not want to build out the systems to constantly monitor particular stocks.

Signm is probably most comparable to tools like Portfolio Visualizer or Morningstarwhich offer curated information rather than portfolio management. Signm has a unique offering. Sentiment analysis is important and has largely been overlooked despite the proliferation of trading tools.

It’s nearly impossible to make an argument that any regular investor could reliably use Signm to outperform the markets. But investors who choose to invest in individual stocks can’t buy and hold forever. You need to know when to sell, and Signm makes it easier to understand when you should sell an asset.

How Do I Open A Signm Account?

To get started you’ll provide your first and last name and an email address. You also need to add a credit card to your profile, so you can pay before you get started. All of Signm’s content is behind a paywall. To access it, you need a paid account.

Is It Safe And Secure?

Signm doesn’t connect to your online brokerage account. You’re only paying for information. Your credit card payments are processed through Stripe and PayPal, so your information is not stored on a Signm server. Overall, using Signm is no riskier than any online shopping option.

How Do I Contact Signm?

Is It Worth It?

Signm has a unique value proposition for “Main Street” investors. Sentiment analysis brings the wisdom of crowds into your portfolio. If you’re an individual stock investor and you want to rely on sentiment analysis, Signm offers valuable insights at a reasonable price.

In general, relying on index funds will give you nearly as much wisdom as the crowds with less hassle and lower costs. However, using sentiment analysis to enhance your strategy makes a lot of sense. In particular, cutting losers quicker is one of the most important factors in boosting your portfolio’s returns.

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Signm Features

AI-Powered Investor Sentiment Analysis

$29 monthly or $144 if paid annually

  • Over 1,500 news articles analyzed daily 
  • Over 2M social media posts analyzed daily 
  • Advanced Charts 
  • Stock Screener 
  • Watchlists 
  • Notifications

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