Best Credit Card And Miles And Points Websites

There is a huge market for credit card and miles and points information. If you use them wisely, credit cards can offer fantastic benefits. Use them irresponsibly and you will pay dearly for it.

Talk about a double-edged sword.

So what should you do? My suggestion: learn everything you can about using credit cards (and miles and points) smartly so you can live the life you want in a way that also makes financial sense.

Below, you will find 10 of the best blogs on the internet that will teach you all you need to know about credit cards, smart credit use, and how to leverage those credit card points to live a richer life.

If you want to dive into some great resources, check these out:

Best Miles And Points Websites

1. The Points Guy

When we asked a community of over 3,000 financial bloggers who their favorite go-to credit card and credit card rewards blog was, hands down, The Points Guy won.

And they were right. After doing a little digging of our own, we found that the recommendations were warranted.

Brian Kelly founded The Points Guy blog in 2010, and as of this writing, the blog receives over nine million monthly visits.

There is also a YouTube channel associated with the blog that has over 10 million views and 57,000 subscribers. You’ll get to see The Points Guy himself as he travels around the world and shows how he makes that possible leveraging the right credit card rewards.

If you’d like to learn everything there is to know about credit card rewards and how to use them to travel, this is a blog worth subscribing to.

The Points Guy Logo

2. Million Mile Secrets

We’ve been fans of Million Mile Secrets for years. They operate at the intersection of credit cards and travel, and know the “secrets” to get you and your family where you want to go using points and miles.

Beyond the travel hacking aspect of their site, they cover everything you want to know about points and miles. With everything from unique offers, to great articles on family travel, Million Mile Secrets should be on your short list of credit card blogs to read.

Million Mile Secrets logo

3. Doctor of Credit

Doctor of Credit is the go-to website for everything bonus related when it comes to credit cards, banks, and more. What I love about Doctor of Credit is they most likely have insiders at most major credit card companies that provide them information pre-release. 

We’ve heard straight from credit card executives about how Doctor of Credit gets the inside scoop, and the executives can’t figure out how. That’s some solid credibility right there.

While their website may look like early-2000s blogging, the content is top-notch.

Doctor of Credit logo

4. FlyerTalk

FlyerTalk has been around since 1998 and was one of the first communities organized around frequent flyers (and their related programs).

While not specifically a credit card website, it’s a miles and points website with lots of connections to travel, credit cards, and more.

Beyond their editorial content, they also have a great community forum that has activity everyday. Their key categories includes miles and points, travel and dining, region-specific travel, and more.


5. BaldThoughts

On the BaldThoughts about page, you’ll find this: “ is a travel blog showing readers how they can take fantastic vacations using very little of their own money.”

According to Lee Huffman, the founder of Bald Thoughts, “being bald” and having lots of thoughts about travel and personal finance, led him to start his blog.

Lee and the BaldThoughts writing team inject a lot of humor in their posts, but that aside, the blog is a wealth of information when it comes to traveling less using credit card rewards.

You’ll also find a lot of information about hotel and restaurant loyalty programs on this blog. Plus, if you follow their Instagram, you’ll be inspired by their family travel!

Bald Thoughts Logo

6. Club Thrifty

The Club Thrifty blog is an awesome blog to subscribe to if you want to learn how to travel for pennies on the dollar and how to do it as a family.

Greg and Holly Johnson are the founders of Club Thrifty and they travel frequently with their two daughters and have a lot to say when it comes to leveraging credit card rewards to travel.

In fact, their use of points and miles, combined with their family travel, is incredibly inspiring. They travel for multiple weeks each year – many times with their young children. And most of the travel is done using points and miles from credit cards.

Club Thrifty Logo

7. Upgraded Points

Upgraded Points is all about maximizing your points and travel. They focus a lot on credit card and points and miles industry news (like which hotel brands and airlines are doing what). But they also have a lot of great guides and resources on how to maximize your points and miles redemptions.

Of course, they are also comparing the best credit cards for various usages, and helping you maximize any bonus or welcome offers.

Upgraded Points

8. Boarding Area

Boarding Area is much more “travel first” compared to others on this list – but they still definitely focus on both credit card rewards and points and miles.

By travel-first, we mean that you’re going to find a lot of stories and features about things to do, see, and experience worldwide. They also have a solid international area of their site.

You’re still going to find a good amount of travel industry news, along with credit card updates.

Boarding Area

9. Credit Donkey

Credit Donkey is another long time credit card blog. It’s minimalist style is great for finding the information you need to make informed credit card decisions.

They also cover everything for credit card maximization – tips, tricks, tools, and more.

If you’re looking for a credit card website that gets straight to the information and data so that you can find what you need, check this site out.

Credit Donkey Logo

10. Johnny Jet

Johnny Jet is a another travel-focused credit card blog, but don’t let that stop you from checking it out! It also continuously maintains some of the best reviews and comparisons of credit cards, rewards programs, points and miles offerings, and more!

Plus, Johnny himself is a self-proclaimed miles and travel expert – he knows his stuff when it comes to this.

Johnny Jet logo

Other Tools

Beyond the blogs, here are some other resources that can help you maximize your credit card rewards.

Wirecutter Money

Unlike The Points Guy blog which started more as a personal blog, Wirecutter Money is a corporate blog that features credit card reviews.

A lot of their content focuses on which cards have the best interest rates, company credit card benefits (think Costco or Walmart) as well as improve your credit so you can get better credit cards.


NerdWallet has been around since 2009. With a blog that gets around 16 million visits per month, they’ve earned their stripes as the place to go to when you want to learn about credit cards and personal finance in general.

NerdWallet features a calculator on their website that allows you to plug in your credit score, choose a goal, and based on that they will serve you up the best credit card to apply for.

Do you have a low credit score? No problem, just plug in those two pieces of information and NerdWallet will be happy to show you which credit card programs will allow you to build your credit.

NerdWallet also provides side-by-side comparisons of credit cards and other calculators that will help you make all the “right money moves.”