Department Of Education Completes FAFSA Reprocessing

The U.S. Department of Education has announced the completion of FAFSA reprocessing to address various issues relating to incorrectly calculating the Student Aid Index and financial aid eligibility.

All known have been resolved and should allow all institutions to package aid offers, including those institutions who chose to wait for all reprocessed records prior to proceeding.

The reprocessing included updates to critical financial data such as education tax credits, Adjusted Gross Income (AGI), and filing status for taxpayers who had amended returns or updates to their tax information. The Department of Education originally had targeted May 1 for several issues to be completed, but finished the reprocessing over the weekend.

However, the current announcement highlighted that only 8.2 million FAFSA forms have been processed and sent to institutions. By this point, well over 10 million should have been submitted and processed, as normally about 17 million forms are processed each year. This is a significant drop in FAFSA applications.

FAFSA Applications Moving Forward

Approximately 8.2 million FAFSA ISIRs have been transmitted to educational institutions, states, and designated scholarship organizations. The Department has also successfully processed nearly one million corrections to FAFSA submissions, significantly reducing the turnaround time for updates to ISIRs, which now range from one to three days after submission.

To further assist students and their families, the Department is actively reaching out to those who need to make corrections to their applications or who have started but not completed their FAFSA forms. Regular communication efforts are underway to encourage completion, which is crucial for accessing potential financial aid.

Lastly, the Department urges states and schools to continue their outreach to students, especially those admitted who have yet to submit a FAFSA, and to those who have begun the application process but have not completed it. This is vital in ensuring that all students have the opportunity to secure the financial aid they need for their educational pursuits.

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