On Friday, a 4.8-magnitude earthquake was felt across New York City. While the epicenter was recorded in New Jersey, roughly 45 minutes from the city, residents of New York and surrounding states reported experiencing things like shaking floors and furniture.

And of course, for many people, their first instinct was to flock to X (formerly Twitter). Because in times of crisis, we are all reminded that despite X’s recent financial struggles, it’s still the best place to find real-time reactions to events that are happening across the country.

Below, here are some of the best (and funniest) reactions that resonated with us:

The Empire State Building tweeted shortly after the event to let us know that, thankfully, it’s still doing well:

User Liam Stack also noted that the New York Governor’s description of the earthquake’s location as “west of New York” was a particularly New York way to describe New Jersey:

Meanwhile, another user poked fun at music publication Pitchfork’s tendency to give low reviews:

And another took the opportunity to clap back at so-called anti-woke backlash to DEI programs:

There were pop culture references to a certain set of famous New Yorkers:

As well as SNL skits:

And a viral dance from long ago:

And of course, many couldn’t resist jokes about New York tropes:

Another connected the earthquake to the upcoming solar eclipse:

Some California users, who experience earthquakes rather frequently in comparison, also posted messages:

Finally, others made the self-aware observation that, yes, in times like these, we all find ourselves gathering in the same place once again:


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