AllInvestView allows you to track your investments and monitor your portfolio.

Many successful investors have dull investment strategies that require little monitoring or analysis. For these investors, occasional rebalancing is all that’s required to keep their portfolios on track.

But if you invest in individual stocks, bonds, and crypto, analyzing your investment returns requires more attention. And while they might not admit it, many investors enjoy diving deep into portfolio analytics. 

If you’re heart flutters when you get to use interactive charts to analyze your portfolio, then AllIvestView (AIV) may be a tool worth considering. Here’s what you need to know about the customizable portfolio analysis software

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  • Track any publicly tradable paper assets (stocks, bonds, crypto, ETFs, mutual funds, cash, etc.)
  • Detailed dividend analysis, along with holistic analysis of your entire portfolio.
  • Advanced analysis including estimates of the efficient frontier, calculations of the Sharpe Ratio (which measures returns against volatility), and asset correlation matrices.

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What Is ALLInvestView?

In early 2024, AllInvestView (AIV) launched its first publicly available investment analysis software. The company provides “professional-level analysis” designed to help investors who own individual stocks, bonds, and crypto, analyze their entire portfolios without moving assets from one account to another. Initial marketing is oriented towards investors in the European Union, but AIV is available across the globe including in the United States.

What Does It Offer?

AIV offers a suite of tools that allow you to analyze your entire investment portfolio in one location.

Unified Investment Tracking

AIV provides a unified view of your investment performance of any asset class (including crypto) or brokerage account used to purchase the asset. While there is a cost, you can use AIV to review historical performance for your entire investing career (if you have access to that data). 

Analyze Your Portfolio Like the Pros

In addition to tracking historic performance, AIV allows you to analyze your portfolio using the same metrics hedge fund managers use to analyze their portfolios. In particular, AIV estimates an “efficient frontier” that allows you to see how well your actual portfolio performs relative to a theoretical “perfect portfolio” given the balance of risk and returns.

It also shows your portfolio’s internal asset correlation which allows you to see where you have concentrated risk that may not be intentional.

Plan And Analyze Dividend Income

Dividend investors tend to care more about dividend performance and less about fluctuations in stock prices. AIV provides unique dividend analysis tools including a dividend calendar and information related to dividend rates and your dividend rate relative to the amount you’ve invested. These are unique views that we haven’t seen in other tools.

Portfolio Value Goals

One very useful feature of AIV is its portfolio value goals. You can use your expected performance, current portfolio value, and your regular contributions to figure out when your portfolio will hit a certain value. Although it’s only a rough estimate, it is a feature that most portfolio analysis tools don’t include.

Are There Any Fees?

AIV offers a 14-day free trial for anyone who wants to use the software. It also has a free offering that allows you to analyze 8 equities and 5 bonds in a single portfolio. The free offering only allows you to look at one year of historic performance.

Upgrading to the “Starter” package costs €2.99 monthly and allows you to use the advanced analytics function, and analyze 25 equities and 20 bonds including up to a decade of historical performance

The Advanced package is €9.73 monthly and allows you to analyze up to thirty years of history for 200 equities and 200 bonds. The majority of individual stock investors will be able to use this tier of service to meet all their portfolio analysis needs.

How Does ALLInvestView Compare?

Solid portfolio analysis tools are expensive, and on the surface, AIV seems very affordable by comparison. However, the cost is seems disproportionate to the value you receive, because AIV doesn’t allow you to connect directly to your accounts. That means it’s user interface is the entire value proposition. 

While AIV’s user interface is excellent, it won’t be worth the money for many. Most people can get what they need from a free portfolio analysis tool such as Empower. Those that want a high-end tool should consider Kubera or Portfolio Visualizerwhich don’t place limits on the number of assets in your portfolio.

AIV is still in the early stages of being available, and as it improves its value may increase. This is a tool that is worth revisiting as it continues to invest in functionality, security, and more.

How Do I Open An ALLInvestView Account?

Is It Safe And Secure?

How Do I Contact ALLInvestView?

The best way to contact AIV is by emailing [email protected]. The company also uses Reddit to help users understand the tool.

Is It Worth It?

In practice, the average investor will never need the functionality that AIV offers. A well-diversified investment portfolio that includes low-cost index funds doesn’t require rigorous analysis. But some investors enjoy getting in the weeds of their portfolio, and AIV allows you to do that.

Overall, despite some interesting features, AIV doesn’t have a great value proposition right now. Unless you’re a newer investor who can get by with the free plan (8 equities and 5 bonds), you have to do a lot of manual work to keep the tool up to date. If you’ve just started investing as a college student, AllInvestView could be a helpful tool for understanding the metrics that professional investors care about, but the majority of investors should look elsewhere for their portfolio analysis tools.

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ALLInvestView Features

  • Investment Tracking 
  • Portfolio Analysis
  • Dividend Analysis
  • Free plan
  • Starter: €2.99 monthly
  • Advanced: €9.73 monthly

Web/Desktop Account Access


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