How to watch the solar eclipse: Today’s full solar eclipse—a rare scientific event in which the moon passes perfectly between the sun and the earth—will be the last to occur in the U.S. until 2046. And while the path of totality is limited to a strip of land starting in southern Texas and arcing across the Midwest to Maine, it’s still possible to engage with the eclipse from other regions of the U.S. Fast Company has compiled a guide to the eclipse-viewing essentials, including how to tune in online and when to watch if you are lucky enough to live near the path of totality. Full story.

What happened to the Apple Vision Pro? For several months prior to the release of Apple’s wearable spatial computer the Vision Pro, the internet was ablaze with discourse about the device. It was lauded as one of the most impactful innovations of this decade—but based on a recent report, the Vision Pro isn’t having the era-defining “iPhone moment” that Apple had hoped for. According to research from TF International Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, demand for the Vision Pro declined rapidly after initial sales and has remained in that declined state. And while sales information has not yet been confirmed by Apple, there are a few credible reasons why the headset might not be doing the numbers that the company expected. Full story.

Jeff Bezos’ “Billionaire Bunker,” explained: The founder of Amazon has recently been on a spending spree in Miami, where he’s cultivating a growing real-estate portfolio in the ultra-exclusive community of Indian Creek (nicknamed “Billionaire Bunker”). Last week, Bezos shelled out a reported $90 million on a third piece of property in the area—meaning he now owns three of just 41 lots on the island. Other residents of the gated community include Tom Brady, Gisele Bündchen, and superstar DJ David Guetta. Full story.

McDonald’s to buy 225 restaurants in Israel: After signing an agreement with Israeli company Alonyal Limited, the McDonald’s Corporation announced on Thursday that it would take over ownership of the 225 restaurants in its Israeli franchise. The move comes after months of pro-Palestine protests and boycotts in the wake of McDonald’s Israel’s announcement that it would donate free meals to the Israeli military after October 7. Earlier this year, McDonald’s reported its first quarterly sales miss in nearly four years, with sales growth in areas including the Middle East, China, and India at 0.7%—far below its 5.5% predictions. Full story.

2025 mortgage rates forecast: According to a new forecast roundup from the housing analytics company ResiClub, mortgage rates are predicted to gradually decrease over the next 18 months. Forecasters cite potential rate cuts from the Federal Reserve as the catalyst behind a more stable bond market in the coming weeks. Despite this promising outlook, housing affordability will likely remain strained in the next two years even if mortgages go down, thanks to limited housing supply. Full story.


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