Who Owns The Rights to Your AI-Generated Content? Not, It’s Not You. Uncover The Scary Truth That Puts AI Users At Risk.

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AI detection in workplaces will be standard to safeguard company assets. Employees and consultants may face repercussions for passing off AI-generated content as original.

In this eye-opening video, Ben Angel delves deep into a critical issue that every content creator, marketer, designer, consultant and author needs to be aware of: AI copyright. A recent report from Copyleaks has brought to light that a staggering 60% of OpenAI’s GPT-3.5 outputs contain elements of plagiarism. But there’s more to the story.

The evolving landscape of artificial intelligence is transforming how we create content and develop products and services. However, the realization that copyright laws do not protect AI-generated material might come as a shock to many. This lack of protection opens the door wide to rampant plagiarism and unauthorized resale, leaving original creators without legal recourse.

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