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In an era when technology dominates the landscape, algorithms wield power far beyond mere computation. The transformative promise of artificial intelligence (AI) lies not solely in its ability to enhance products or streamline services. Of far greater significance is its capacity to deepen our understanding of ourselves as a society and highlight the necessary moral compass amid this transition.

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AI is a catalyst — orchestrating pivotal revolutions across diverse industries — and the advent of driverless cars stands as a testament. Although autonomous vehicles foretell a future of unprecedented convenience and security, they also unravel a host of societal and ethical dilemmas. Can these machines make morally weighted decisions? And more pressingly, how can we program those decisions in a manner that upholds our collective ethical norms?

This episode of the Beyond Impossible podcast, with special guest Jonathan Campos of Alto, isn’t just another fireside chat about emerging tech. Instead, Campos unravels the societal and ethical layers evolving alongside driverless technology. However, the realm of AI isn’t merely altering our roadways — it’s reshaping our workplaces. The transformation accentuates another driving concern: jobs. The futuristic promise of AI comes with an undercurrent of anxiety about job losses. In a world preoccupied with competitiveness, AI advancements can appear a double-edged sword. And Campos tackles this challenge head-on.

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