It’s easy to get lost in the details when choosing a gym membership. How do you choose between a gym with free personal trainers like Planet Fitness or a gym like 24 Hour Fitness with lap pools? One way to decide is to look at the price.

If you’ve been thinking about joining 24 Hour Fitness, you may be wondering how much a membership costs. Here’s everything you need to know about how much you’ll shell out if you choose this gym.

How much does a 24 Hour Fitness membership cost?

The amount you pay for a membership at 24 Hour Fitness depends on several factors. That includes the membership tier you opt for, the pricing plan you choose and the location.

24 Hour Fitness offers silver, gold and platinum memberships and each has a different price point. The fitness center offers discounts for people who commit to a certain number of months or pay for the year upfront. The brand has clubs in 11 states, and each location may charge a different membership fee.

The easiest way to find out exactly how much a 24 Hour Fitness membership costs near you is to go to the “gyms near me” page on the company’s website and pop in your ZIP code. Then, you can select the nearest club and check pricing options. Calling your local gym or sending an email may get you answers you’re looking for, too.

Here is an estimated range of how much a 24 Hour Fitness membership costs. We checked the price of membership at nine clubs nationwide to gauge the typical membership cost.

Monthly membership

Paying for a 24 Hour Fitness membership on a month-to-month basis tends to be the most expensive option.

  • Silver: $14.99 to $29.99.

  • Gold:  $26.99 to $49.99. 

  • Platinum: $39.99 to $64.99. 

Monthly membership with commitment

Selecting a monthly membership with a 6- or 12-month commitment is cheaper than paying month to month. However, it may be difficult to commit to 12 months if you want to test the gym out for a month or two.

  • Platinum: $34.99 to $59.99. 

Annual membership

Paying for the annual membership in one lump sum means you’ll get the membership for almost half the price of the monthly membership. However, the annual payment discount option is only available to gold and platinum members in participating regions.

  • Gold: $263.88 upfront ($21.99/month) to $323.88 upfront ($26.99/month).

  • Platinum: $299.88 upfront ($24.99/month) to $397.87 upfront ($33.16/month).

24 Hour Fitness does offer a 3-day pass for people who would like to try before they buy. You can use the pass at multiple locations and it’s only accessible if you haven’t been a member or guest at the gym in the past six months. You must be at least 18 years old or 12 with a parent.

What comes with a 24 Hour Fitness membership?

As mentioned above, you’ll choose from three membership options at 24 Hour Fitness. Here’s a brief description of each. Keep in mind that facilities, classes and amenities may not be the same at each location. So, if you’re looking for specific amenities or classes, call and ask at your local club before signing up.

Silver membership

This membership has the least perks with over a handful of amenities. However, these offerings may be enough for someone who just wants access to gym equipment for cardio and strength training. Also, not every city offers a silver membership, so check with your local club.

Features of silver membership include:

  • Functional training and turf zone. 

  • TRX suspension training. 

  • Strength training machines. 

Gold membership

With the gold membership, members can utilize all of the amenities in the silver membership in addition to several other perks. These extras may be suitable for people who are interested in fitness activities beyond treadmills and weights.

  • Access to 24GO®, a fitness app with thousands of in-gym and virtual workouts.

  • Access to GX24®, studio classes that offer zumba, yoga, active aging or Pilates.

  • Basketball and racquetball courts. 

Platinum membership

This membership has the most amenities. With the platinum membership, you’ll get access to everything in the silver and gold membership. Additionally, members can access:

  • Access to 24GO® , a digital fitness app. 

  • Access to GX24® virtual classes. 

  • Invite two free guests to the gym every time you attend a club.

  • Unlimited access to over 300 gyms in 11 states.

How do I cancel my 24 Hour Fitness membership?

If you decide a gym membership no longer fits in your budget and you want to cancel your membership at 24 Hour Fitness, you’ll need to call a number provided on its website. You may also try asking at the front desk of your local club or sending an email to customer service.

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