Maneet Chauhan’s Advice for Up-and-Coming Chefs

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If you have passion, it will open doors.

Chef Maneet Chauhan’s passion for cooking led to her becoming a food TV star and celebrated restaurant owner. “If you don’t have passion in life, what’s the point?” she says.

As a celebrated culinary artist, cookbook author and philanthropist, the Food Network star and founding partner of Morph Hospitality Group traces her food inspiration to the vibrant streets of India.

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Chauhan’s culinary journey is deeply rooted in her experiences with street food vendors in India, where she was born. She appreciates their ability to craft delicious meals with minimal resources.

Reflecting on her travels, Chauhan underscored the obligation of chefs to overcome excuses and produce exceptional dishes however they can.

“If people with limited resources and limited means can create these unforgettable flavors, then as chefs, it’s our fiduciary responsibility to make sure that we are creating those flavors and presenting them. Otherwise, we shouldn’t be calling ourselves a chef,” Chauhan told Shawn Walchef of Cali BBQ Media.

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Chauhan’s biggest tip for getting on food TV

As a Food Network veteran, Chauhan believes that being a great cook is a priority to getting media exposure. “I really want to be the voice of Indian food throughout America,” she says. “I have been vocal about it, and getting a platform like Food Network really helps.”

The seasoned television personality offers valuable advice to aspiring chefs seeking a path to television.

Emphasizing the essence of culinary mastery, Chauhan recounts her journey from competing on Food Network’s Iron Chef to becoming a permanent judge on Chopped.

Her wisdom for aspiring TV chefs is straightforward: “Just be good at what you’re doing because there really isn’t a formula as to how it is. Just do your best, and people will notice you.”

Chauhan’s passion for food extends beyond the kitchen, finding expression on her social media platforms. Her mantra, “the camera eats first,” signifies the importance of visually sharing the culinary journey.

Chauhan views social media as a means to connect with a global audience, sharing her excitement and creating a bridge for those who might not have the opportunity to experience it firsthand.

“Connection with people is the foundation of doing anything that I do,” she says of her social media presence.

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